Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much do groups cost?

The cost varies by group type:

  • Primary Groups:
    $150 per 10 week session (3 sessions per school year)
  • Baby Groups:
    $100 per 10 week session (3 sessions per school year)
  • Parent./Child Playgroup:
    $90 per 1 hour session
  • Evening/Weekend Playgroup:
    $100 per 10 week session
  • Mentor Program:
    $25 per 1-1/4 hour sesssion
  • Personal Visits: $30 per hour

2. Are there scholarships available?
  The Board has a few scholarships to award. Fill out a scholarship application for the Board to review.
3. When is payment due?
  Half of the group fee is due at the first meeting, with the balance due within the next 30 days.

4. What is the curriculum based on ?

  We are based on the Parents As Teachers model out of Missouri. Our Parent Educator has been trained and certified in Parents As Teachers and in other curriculum. Over the years, we have incorporated valuable pieces of parenting information from the latest research on parenting.

5. Who takes care of the children wile the parent educator meets with a parent?

  Our Early Childhood Educator (ECE) is a college educated staffmember with experience with toddlers and parents. The ECE will create a safe and entertaining environment for your child to explore, discover and interact with other children of a similar age. If there are too many children in the group, one of the parents stays back with the children for that week, rotating each week.
6. My child has never been separated from me or has trouble separating. How do you handle this?
  This is very typical of toddlers and we have seen many sad tears turn to smiles over time. We ask that you try to separate each week even when your child cries. If the child does not calm down in about 10 minutes, the ECE will call the Parent Educator to have the parent return. We will work with you and your child to find a way that fits your needs. It is best to keep trying and we have many tips on how to make that transition less difficult. Some parents attend TFC for the very purpose of helping their child and themselves learn to separate. Take the time to help the ECE become well acquainted with your sensitive child.
7. What is your food policy?

Parenting values about food range widely. We often offer fruit and a cracker, but safety dictates non-choking items. Because of parents’ diverse food values, we ask that you bring your own child’s snack if you have specific nutritional concerns. Parents often bring extra to share, but that is not required.
We offer a snack just before the parents transition to the parenting session. Snack time is done together at small table after handwashing, with food always staying at the table.

8. What if I have to miss some sessions? Is there a way to make them up or can I get a discount?
  If we have another group in a different community, you are welcome to attend that group as a make-up if it fits your schedule. The curriculum is usually the same each week in all communities.
9. I am the nanny, grandmother, sister, etc. Should I attend?
  Yes, all care providers for young children are encouraged to take advantage of this excellent source of information and support. Caring for children is hard work and the ideas we share in TFC will make your time with these little people much more fun.
10. Can I bring extra children who are visiting me or who I am babysitting for the day?
  This is handled on a case by case basis by the team. You need to discuss this with both the Parent Educator and Early Childhood Educator before bringing extra children
11. What is your policy on bringing sick children?

If they have a fever, stay home.

Naturally, most parents do not bring their sick child to group. Sometimes parents define “sick” differently. We say that if your child has a nasal discharge that is anything but clear, please stay home. Even though a clear discharge can be allergies, it can also mean a virus.

Please be respectful of others and use your most sound judgement to keep others from becoming ill.It is very awkward to have to ask a parent to leave with their sick child.

12. I can’t make it this term, so can I sign up for next term?
  Those families who are already enrolled in the program from the beginning of the school year get first choice of the spots available in the group. Most of the time, we have room in our groups each term since the needs of families change. Please call.