Specialty Groups
For Children 5 and Under

Parent/Child Playgroup

Price: $90.00 per hour

Wouldn’t it be great if kids came with a manual?

We at TFC we can come to you with our established curriculum and help you understand your children better!

Playgroup1 hour of play with your child and 6 of your friends and children. This group is lead by an Early Childhood Specialist and focuses on learning through our established fact based curriculum.

At Together For Children we realize that some parents already have a community of friends that they interact with their children. This specialty group incorporates your current community with our experienced staff to bring a convenient, fun, educational program directly to you.
You organize your friends to participate in the group and then we will come to your house or one of your friends or any location of your choice and lend you a hand and an ear in learning about the joys of being your child's first teacher.
We can customize the curriculum to be specifically appropriate for the issues that are already happening in the group or we can utilize our successful curriculum to enhance your parenting experience.

Father/Child and Weekend/Evening Playgroup and Parent Education

Price: $10.00 per session

Do you sometimes think that your partner might have some secret key to raising kids you don’t know about?

weekend1/2 hour of playtime lead by an early childhood specialist., plus one hour of parent discussion. These groups are usually conducted on evenings or weekends. 1 1/2 hours per week.

Our father/child playgroups are specifically targeted for Dads who want to be better parents and want to learn in an environment that is focused on the issues that Dads face.
The format followed is the same as it would be for our primary groups, but with a “Dad’s Only” vignette.

We also have Weekend/Evening groups that are for the whole family. Choose the group that most fits your needs!

Mentor Program

Price: $25.00 per session

You’ve been the best parent you can be and yet you want to have an occasional sounding board to confirm of investigate how you could be better at raising your happy, healthy child!

For parents who just want occasional brush up and support. 1 and 1/4 hour discussion , once a month. Focused on proven curriculum and current parenting issues facing the participants.

This is a one and quarter hour discussion for you to have one on one time with our parent educator or early child specialist.

It can be held at our home or at any location of choice, a coffee shop, book store, playground, wherever you feel safe and secure talking about your child and parenting issues.
This can be accomplished one on one or in a small group of our choice.

Personal Visit

Price: $30.00 per hour
One hour weekly for 5 weeks or a one-time visit for one hour. Can be
arranged in you home or location of your choice

Sometimes is helps to have someone with expertise come to your home to help you understand your child's behavior.
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