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Linda Gilpin

GilpinParent educator and program manager, has worked with families in the Together For Children program since it’s beginning in 1988. After receiving her degree in Mental Health in 1973, she worked seven years with children in residential treatment and crisis intervention. From that experience, she knew families needed help long before bad parenting practices became ingrained. TFC was a perfect fit. Linda has continued to learn on her own through extensive reading, trainings and keeping abreast of research on family communication, attachment, brain development, temperament theory, etc. She became a certified parent educator for ages birth to five through Parents As Teachers in 2000. The Together For Children program offers a 30-week curriculum, established by Edie Jones, that Linda has helped enhance and tailor to the current needs of families with young children.

Linda believes that personal awareness and relationship skills are paramount to successful parenting. She frequently references the works of authors such as Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Susan Silverman, Dr. Becky Bailey, and many others. She teaches specific tools that parents can use to look at their own reactions, to set firm and friendly limits and to nurture a close relationship with their child through communication. Linda has done hundreds of home visits for families and continues to offer parents personal visits, whether in the home or in the community. She has a thorough understanding of early childhood development, is trained to administer several developmental screening tools, and staffs local screenings. Her vast repertoire of songs and activities for young children underscores her focus on playful parenting and the enjoyment of these few short years of early childhood.

Besides receiving certification in Parents as Teachers from birth through five, Linda is trained to provide many specific parenting curriculum classes such as Make Parenting a Pleasure, Parenting Now, The Incredible Years, Temperament Talks, Strengthening Families, Parenting the First Three Years, R.I.E. (Respecting Infant Educators) and others. She teaches some of these evening classes through Family Resource Center.




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