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How do we trust ourselves to know what is right?


This unique discussion group enables you to get healthy interaction for you and your child! The session will focus on age appropriate techniques covered in current parenting books.   Each 6 week session will include playtime each week with your child , followed by a discussion group style interaction with fellow participants and led by the our early childhood educator covering the topics the parenting book brings up.  Your child will play close by with the other children, supervised by our staff.  

Over the 6 week period, the books philosophies and techniques will be analyzed by the group. Not every technique works for every child or family and discussing the why and why not of that  opens us all to becoming more confidant having more grace as a parent

No more than 10 Families.

Preregistration required.

Cost: $125 (Includes book)

First 6 week session TOPIC:  Teaching Children with Love, Honor, and Respect: Recipes for Success!

by Edie Jones

Place: Based on interest

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