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Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Events


Each quarter we will bring you a series of community building or resources exploring adventures.

    Pick which one works for you!

Big Rig Celebration

Dates TBD

From 10 am to 2pm come and climb on the big rigs,! Bring your own sand toys and play in the huge sand pile!  The first 100 children are free courtesy of Knife River!  Every child gets a take away item. We ask a donation of $5 for each mobile child under 12, all proceeds go to fund TFC! Parents, Grandparents are ALWAYS free!  After more than 10 years, this is known as "The Burning Man" of the toddler world!  Do NOT MISS this ANNUAL Event!


 Covid-19 is changing how we do things but we know staying connected to others going through the same thing as ourselves reduces stress! We are hoping to make some plans soon!

Join Together for Children for PLAY LAB! We’ve carved out a time and a place to protect our children’s right to PLAY. With access to open-ended materials, they can tinker, bang, level, bounce, scoop and REVEL! Children under age 6 are welcome to join us. Within a group setting they can learn how to be together. We encourage parents to observe the wonderment and only step in if health, safety or damaging property is in question. An early childhood educator is on hand to help things flow. She is also available as a resource for all of those parenting concerns you have. Come join our supportive community!!


This service is temporarily on hold.

Childcare for your self care! Available at  The Hive, in partnership with Together for Children. Come  and take three hours for yourself while your children PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Abbie Rexroad, our Program Director, an experienced and passionate Early Childhood Educator, will provide care within a small group setting (6 children maximum, ages 8 and under — space is limited). Knowing that your children are in good hands, you can take some time for yourself and fill up that bucket!

Cost is $24/one child, $36/two, $42/three.

Square, Cash/check or pay via website and reserve your space!

Email Abbie to register:

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