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One Step at a Time


Join us for a unique course with the specific aim of easing and informing the TODDLER years! This ten week series is evenly divided between two class structures; book overview and play lab. Our instructor has curated an engaging collection of books, from the overstuffed land of parent literature. We will use these books as a jumping off point for discussion. The most tangible pieces will be experimented with within our play labs. These labs create the space to work on our parenting skills in real time. The presence of an early childhood educator lets you see poignant strategies modeled as well as give the opportunity to ask questions. The class will contribute to your confidence and grace as a parent.


Also, small group!


Below is our booklist:

  1. The Yes Brain

  2. How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen

  3. Toddler are Assholes (we’re not afraid to be a little edgy)

  4. Raising Kids with Love, Honor and Respect

  5. Simplicity Parenting  



Cost for this class is $150. 

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