Join Together for Children for PLAY LAB! We’ve carved out a time and a place to protect our children’s right to PLAY. With access to open-ended materials, they can tinker, bang, level, bounce, scoop and REVEL! Children under age six are welcome to join us. Within a group setting they can learn how to be together. We encourage parents to observe the wonderment and only step in if health, safety or damaging property is in question. An early childhood educator is on hand to help things flow. She is also available as a resource for all of those parenting concerns you have. Come join our supportive community!!


We meet weekly for about an hour and 15 minutes in Sisters, in Redmond and on Bend's East and West sides. We ask a $5 donation per family.

Sisters PlayLAB

We meet on FRIDAY mornings at 10 am at SPRD

Bend Westside playlab

We meet on TUESDAY afternoons at 1:30 pm at Tula Movement Arts

Bend eastside playlab

We meet on Wednesday at 9 am at TBD

redmond playlab

We meet on TUESDAY morning  at 10:30 am at LoveBird Yoga Studio !


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